4-H Middlesex Advisory Council

For the 4-H community of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

 Upcoming Events

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                                  or Applications   



1 - Stokowski Scholarship Applications Due                           Westford
3 - State Photography Competition Deadline                     Waltham
(July 1) thru 11/15 - File the Club and Council IRS 990-N       online
 - State & Big E Horse Events:
              State & ESE application forms    
 - Middlesex Fair Board                                                       Westford
 Regional Horse Show                                                 Northampton
 - MA Foundation Annual Golf Tournament                    Holden

15 - Registrations due for Big E New England Center            
            NEC Registration   Form 1    Form 2  - all participants

            Big E Participant Health Form
 - all participants
           State Fashion Show 
           State Senior Quilt Evaluations  
23-26 -  National 4-H Film Festival                               Kansas City, Missouri


 - Middlesex Fair forms due                                                Westford
  - MA 4-H Dairy Show                                                       Greenfield
 - Chaperone Meeting - Middlesex Fair                                  Westford 
 - Deadline Members/Volunteers free Big E 4-H day tickets  Amherst
   - Online entries for Big E livestock                                  online
 - Deadline for  goat entries for Big E                            online & Amhearst
15 - Annual Club and Financial Reports due                      Waltham 

 - Deadline for sheep entry forms for Big E to state       Amherst
 - Deadline for dog entry forms for Big E to state                Belchertown
23 - Static Entries to Middlesex 4-H Fair                                 Westford
24 - Livestock Entries to Middlesex 4-H Fair                           Westford

25-27 - Middlesex County 4-H Fair                                          Westford  


1 - New Program Year Begins - new sign-up process: 
                         returning members - online registration
                         new members - hard copy forms
                         new & returning volunteers - online registration

1 - MA 4-H State Community Service project begins
1 - Deadline Senior Clothing & Quilt Submissions                  Waltham
  State Senior Clothing Evaluations 
State Senior Quilt Evaluations
10-11- MA State 4-H Horse Show                                          Northampton
16-17 - MA 4-H Days at the Eastern States Exposition      W. Springfield
17- 4-H Day, State Fashion Show, Stage, Action Exhibits   W. Springfield
18 - Stokowski 4-H Open Horse Show                                Westford
20 - Middlesex County Fall Kick-off Night                               Westford
 - Middlesex HAC                                                                Westford 


1 - Records due for county judging    see "Formspage for forms    Waltham
               County Awards
               State Award Trips

2-5 - 
 National 4-H Dairy Conference                             Madison, Wisconsin  
2-8 - National 4-H Week
5 - National 4-H Science Day
17 -  - Middlesex HAC                                                          Westford
18 -  - Middlesex Advisory Council - Annual Meeting          Westford
22 - State Teen Leadership Retreat                                         Ashland
23- Middlesex Horse Judging Competition                          Littleton


1 - Application due for Key Award                                     Waltham
1 - 
Club Enrollments due for Early Bird Special Fee            online/form
1 - 
 - MA 4-H Foundation online auction                           online

4-6  - Eastern National 4-H Horse Round-Up                      Kentucky              
 -  Fair Dinner                                                                        Westford
(July 1) thru 11/13 - File the Club and Council IRS 990-N        online  
16-17 -  National 4-H Poultry Conference                      Louisville, Kentucky 
21 - Middlesex HAC                                                                Westford
22 - Middlesex Advisory Council                                             Westford   


 - Middlesex Horse Bowl & Hippology                                 Tewksbury
 - Middlesex HAC                                                                  Westford
 - Middlesex Advisory Council conference call
 - Favorite Foods - (Northeast invite)                                Topsfield
National Ag Day Essay Contest   
28 - Winter Forum 
28 - Begin Annual 4-H Bakeless Bake Sale                     Waltham
 - State 4-H Rabbit Workshop                                             Upton


 - Middlesex HAC                                                               Westford
 - Middlesex Advisory Council                                            conference call


County Banquet and Recognition Night                              Westford   
10 - Deadline to send list to County office for County VP Day     Waltham
13 - Middlesex Fair Board                                                         Westford
17 - MA Blue Ribbon Calf Sale Clinics                               W. Springfield
18 - County Visual Presentation Day                                       Bedford
            Visual Presentation Info for Leaders
            2017 Class VP/Speech List
            VP Misconceptions       
            2015 Judges List
            All VP Directions & Forms

18 - Bakeless Bake Sale Funds due to county  Thank You!      Waltham
20 - Middlesex HAC                                                                       Westford
21 - Middlesex Advisory Council                                                    Westford
24  - Deadline for Fourth H Race    see also 4th H Race page          Waltham
25 - 
Fourth H Race Opening Event                                           Billerica


 1 - Horse Verification Forms Due                                            Waltham  
 1 - 
State Visual Presentation Contest                                     Bedford  
10 - Middlesex Fair Board                                                         Westford   
15 - Deadline for Middlesex Higher Education Scholarship  Waltham
      sign-up - Northeast Club Exhibit displays (April vacation - Memorial Day)

 - Camp Middlesex Clean-up Day                                         Ashby
17 - Middlesex Horse Advisory
18 - Middlesex Advisory Council                                              Westford

 - Middlesex 4-H Fair Clean-up Day                                     Westford 
23 - Camp Middlesex Open House                                          Ashby
State Horse Round-Up: Hippology & Bowl                  Tewksbury  
30 - State Horse Round-Up: Judging                                Grafton

 Are you hosting an event? Know of an event you want to share?

We are interested in the events that you attend or host! Send them our way, we will post them as 4H and  Non 4H events of interest.

Email the events and any links or event details to:middlesex4h@msn.com